About Petra

The Present

The success of the company enabled us to take over the aluminum business over the following decades; as we transformed from a small company with a skeletal staff of 20 at a small site in Jabal Amman, to expanding into a state-of-the-art production plant employing over 650 dedicated professionals. Today, we extend well over an area of 22,000 square meters with an output of 24,000 square meters per annum.

Petra Aluminum’s range travels far beyond Jordan.  In 2001, we opened the Sudanese-Jordanian Aluminum Company in Sudan, securing a significant portion of the country’s key aluminum projects in addition to private housing developments.  Our Dubai branch, Petra Aluminum Metal Manufacturing, has serviced the Arabian Peninsula for the past twelve years. First established under the name of Petra Gulf in 2004, a partnership with Wajhat Company from Saudi launched Petra Gulf in 2012 which was later developed to Petra Aluminum Metal Manufacturing in 2016. PAMM operates from Dubai Techcno Park with factory and office space spreading over 10,000sqm and production capacity of 125,000 sqm purposefully built to serve highly specialized projects spreading to Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, India and East Africa.

Our latest regional expansion, Petra Aluminim Al Djazair, was established in 2012 in Algeria and over the past years we have been successfully implementing projects all over Algeria under the supervision of our experienced Architects and installation teams. 

Our history is worth repeating.  For over 50 years, we’ve been a recognized leader in the industry.  We proudly carry that legacy with us into the future.