6 Tips for Choosing Windows

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We decided to ease our clients twisting and turning at night over their choice of windows by giving them our best tips. But it's easy to become overwhelmed trying to figure out which windows are right for your home.

"Shopping locally is a good idea. Windows vary by region, so you'll get the best advice from retailers that have experience in your climate. Choosing windows from major manufacturers is also key. They sell a lot of windows and have the muscle behind them to produce quality products."

Windows are a massive part of your overall project and here our team explains what to look for when choosing windows.


sliding 4 panel


 "If you have picturesque views to take advantage of, or the architecture of  your home is unique, use window styles, shapes, colors, and details to play  up your interiors." 

1. The Architecture (the look)

Aluminum windows play a major role in defining the overall look of the elevations and therefore it’s worth prioritizing that. Choice of windows and doors has to match the home’s architecture look and style. For example, floor to ceiling glass is a striking yet contextual feature in a contemporary home. But in an otherwise traditional style architecture it looks pretty out of place. Your architect or building designer should be able to give you recommendations about the lifestyle of windows and doors you should choose to suit your property’s character.

Many architects and homeowners want a system in which all units are identical, whether the window is fixed, opening, or motorized. Uniform sightlines result in stylish, seamless exterior façades. Shop our selection of aluminum windows and doors for your project.

The interior look plays a part in home owners decision. How the window appeals to your interiors can create an experience inside your home like no other.

composite aluminum with wood



For example composite aluminum wood sections completely flatters a less modern  interior. However it could be used as a contemporary element if used in certain wooden  finish colour.






 2. The function

There is more to the window than meets the eyefolding sliding. Function of the room plays a major part in the choice of the mechanism of the window. For example sliding windows are more practical as they permit the user to control ventilation in the room. If you are looking to showcase your view then fixed windows is your answer. And if you are looking for a seamless connection with outdoor then folding sliding door is what you are looking for.





3. The Price

Make sure that you are comparing like for like when it comes to quotes from different suppliers, taking into consideration accessories and fittings such as locks, handles, gaskets, brushes, rollers and rubber. There is a surprising variety in the quality of Aluminum and accessories used. Fabricators such as Petra Aluminum Co. use prime billets rather than scrap metal and accessories from guaranteed suppliers providing a complete window system that complies with international codes and practices.

4. Quality

There can be a huge variety in the quality of the aluminum windows themselves. Good quality aluminum should have a perfectly smooth and consistent finish, while poor quality may have pitting from when the profile has been heated during powder coating. A smooth finish is achieved by polishing the die after each extrusion run, to reduce corrosion and avoid contamination on the surface, giving a high-quality finish ready for the powder coating process.

Good quality accessories are strong, durable and ​warranted. 

5. Security and Safety

You can’t have a home without windows and doors, but because windows and doors are a home’s weak point, it’s important to take security options into consideration. The Schüco security systems have been designed with one key consideration in mind: the external look is retained while the protection mechanisms are integrated predominantly inside the units 

security Burglar-proof, bullet-proof, blast-resistance, fire and smoke  protection are  security options to take into consideration 







As obvious as it sounds it’s important to make sure the windows and doors you choose are safe and also to the ways in which they’re used. Your window’s height relative to the ground, locks, the strength of the glass will all factor into the safety of your architectural openings.


For example, the use of opening restrictions, bottom fixed panels and screens are mandatory for windows in certain places and heights in order to reduce the risks of small children falling through them.





The use of laminated and/ tempered glass at certain heights or locations such as public use and pool area to prevent injuries is also a crucial consideration. 

safety 2






6. Energy Efficiency

The vast majority of your home’s heat loss and heat gain come from windows, so choosing energy efficient windows can have a real effect on your power bills.

Approximately 40% of all energy consumed in homes is used for cooling and heating.

Your window’s design, thermal insulation, glass type, glazing, and seals determine how energy efficient it is.

The following should be considered when considering energy efficient windows:

  • Look for Low-E coatings on the glass or high performance glass. These coatinLOW Egs reflect heat inside your house and reflect UV rays from the sun outside your home. They have a slight tint that may or may not be visible depending on how dark you want the tint to be. In colder climates, the coating is applied to the inside panes of glass, while in warmer climates, the coating is applied to the outside of the glass.
  • Double/ triple layered glass adding more protection from external weather.
  • Bigger insulation space between the panels.
  • Hinged windows are the most energy efficient because they clamp more tightly against the rubber on the frame than sliding windows.
  • Look for windows and doors that are thermally iinsulated with low U-values or U-factors. These windows have the best insulating properties.