Zeus Sliding System

The standard sliding non-insulated door system that is compatible with larger construction openings.

This system offers the following features:

  • Basic depth of 130 mm.

  • Narrow profile face width from 75 mm.

  • Suitable for vents above 2m and tolerates a maximum vent weight of 120 kg.

  • Single glazed glass with 6mm thickness or double glazed with a total thickness of 24mm and air cavity of 12mm.

  • Double cavity frame allowing easy water weeping.

  • High performance and low maintenance system with rollers run on bearings for smooth quiet operation.

  • Smooth operating sliding fly screens.

  • Easy operation with optional lockable one-hand handles and variety of other handles.

  • Additional design freedom with the option of having more than two panels and ability to combine the system with top-lights or fixed panels.