Composite Aluminum & Wood Section - Equipe D’Este Sliding System

This remarkable system is designed to imitate the conventional wooden windows and doors internally whilst maintaining the functionality of aluminum from the outside. The insulated composite wood and aluminum system offers hinged and sliding products for both windows and doors.  

The sliding composite aluminum and wood section offers the following features:

  • Basic depth of 115 mm.

  • Narrow profile face widths for frame from 69 mm.

  • Single glazed glass or double glazed with a total thickness of 24mm and air cavity of 12mm.

  • Maximum vent weight of 120 kg and a height of above 2m.

  • Double cavity frame allowing easy water weeping for sliding units.

  • Smooth operating sliding fly screens.

  • Variety of handle colors; gold, chrome & aged bronze.

  • The system compatibility allows considerable design freedom of adding fixed panels or openings of different mechanisms.